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My fingers brush the smooth surface.

It’s frightening, like the world. But there’s a difference: the difference is that I can grasp the gun; it’s so easy that it’s disgusting. The world, however, isn’t easy to grasp.

I take a shaky breath and choke.

They say killing yourself is the easy way out—but I don’t think it is. It takes courage and so many putrid and hateful thoughts; those thoughts keep you thinking, they keep you contemplating on whether or not you should actually die, and that’s why a lot of people back out at the last minute. They think about their lives; they think about all the people they will hurt, and they think about all the things they just haven’t done yet.

I’m afraid, but I don’t care about the things I haven’t done yet. I just don’t care.

I don’t care that I will die a virgin, I don’t care that I will die without kissing a boy, or that I haven’t snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to go party. I don’t care that I won’t graduate, and I don’t care that I will die without knowing what the hell I’m going to do in the future; I just don’t want it—I don’t want my future, whatever it is. I’ll admit, I’m afraid of it. I’m afraid there will be no one there because I just don’t care.

And I don’t care that I will die without knowing what love is, if it exists. How am I supposed to believe in something that I’ve never felt?

I lean back against the wall, my fingers still resting against the cold of the metal. It was hiding in a shoebox at the top of my parent’s closet. I remember my dad mentioning that we had a couple guns hidden away in the house for protection, but he never told me where he hid them. It was just a lucky guess. Closets are for hiding just about anything—Christmas presents, dirty clothes, The Boogeyman, skeletons, homosexuals . . .

Alright, that last one was just a joke, but you know what I mean. People hide anything and everything in their closets, so that’s why I felt like one of those guns would be there.

And I was right. Loaded and everything, like I was meant to take it for myself.

I don’t know how to handle the world. I think a lot of people don’t know how to, but they continue on into the unknown and get hurt for it.

But I’d like to venture into a different unknown.

The gun’s resting in my palm and I curl my finger around the trigger; it isn’t pointed at my head, not yet. I swallow hard and think about taking a practice shot, but then I think about how pissed my parents would be if there were a bullet hole in the drywall.

My shoulders slump.

Besides, if I make the shot, it’ll scare me. I know that it’ll be enough to keep me from doing this. It’ll be the thing that keeps me from putting the bullet in my head.

I furrow my eyebrows.

My parents won’t like the blood spattered along the wall either.

I sigh, pick myself up, and take the gun into my own room. It won’t matter in there; it’s my room, and if I’m dead, there’s no use for it. Unless maybe they turn it into a workout room. Until then, it’s mine, and I get to choose whether or not I spatter my blood along it.

I settle myself against the wall adjacent to my closet. There isn’t much hiding in there; I’ve never been much of a secretive person, at least not with materialistic items. Nothing to hide there. What I really have—the things that I really hide—are my thoughts. If there’s anything I have an abundance of, it’s definitely my thoughts. While some girls may need a million closets just to store away all their shoes and clothes, I need a million closets to store away all my thoughts because it’s all I really have; it’s all I can hide. It’s all I really value. Everything else, I just don’t care about.

Like I’ve said, I just don’t care about much, and a lot of my time is spent wondering why I don’t.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle, actually. Thinking about why I don’t gets me nowhere, but I have no motivation to do anything about it.

I take in a breath and then take in all of my surroundings one last time.

I raise the gun.

I raise it because I can’t grow up. I can’t adapt.

I can’t stand knowing that I won’t fit in, that I will feel in over my head.

That I will feel like I can’t gain anything from living here.

Not if I have to grow up.

My finger teases the trigger. I count back from ten, and then recount from thirty. I feel my body tense up each time I reach zero, but then I just go back to counting down from a larger number.

C’mon, I think. You’re not this much of a coward.

My finger eases on the trigger again, but I can’t click it back—I won’t click it back.

Or maybe you are. You’re killing yourself, afterall, I think. You’re brave for doing this, yet such a coward. Funny how it works.

I’m stalling, but . . . there’s something else people say about suicide: Suicide is a permanent answer to temporary problems.

I sit here and wonder if what I’m going through is temporary or not. If anything, it’s kind of a lifestyle, what I’m going through is. I’ve faced depression before; I’ve considered suicide at my lowest low, but I’ve never attempted it, not like I am now. I wonder what happened. I battled my depression and realized that I was being an idiot, that there was more to life, and I just needed to open my eyes.

But now . . . I don’t know what happened. It’s like I’ve relapsed, like a drug addict who’s been clean for months, but then someone offered him the cocaine or the meth, or whatever the hell it is, and he just couldn’t help himself. He crashes and spirals down, and he reverts back to his out of touch state, craving more and more.

I don’t think I show the physical signs of being depressed. My clothes are normal, I don’t cut, and I don’t talk about death with anyone. The most I do is spend a lot of time by myself just thinking, just kind of wallowing, or doing absolutely nothing. I lay down and pretend I’m dead.

Most people reach out for help somehow, usually through their appearance.

I don’t though; not anymore, and I don’t know if this should scare me. If I don’t reach out, no one will ever notice. But that’s the thing—I guess I don’t want anyone to notice. Hell, it’s kind of late for that, I guess. The gun’s already in my hand.

I start counting down again with beads of sweat on my forehead.

I imagine myself propped against the wall like the child I am. Not yet eighteen, not yet an adult, but old enough to be trusted with some adult-like issues; like driving, planning for college, and getting a summer job, and eventually living off on my own. I picture my face—trying hard to be stern, trying hard to look so sure about this.

I think about what’s going to be waiting for me if I do this. Probably nothing, I would imagine. Just black—it’s nothing. Once you’re dead, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to care about anything, not like you do when you’re alive, and I think I crave that.

I’ve lost friends over the years. Just stopped talking to them; I don’t know why either. I guess that’s a bit cowardly too, maybe even selfish. Can’t talk to your own friends because you just don’t care, or maybe you’re just too afraid to. Pathetic really.

I press the cold side of the gun against my feverish skin—my head’s swimming, and my heart is pounding in my ears. I used to care at one point. Actually, I wanted to talk to them before I died and all. To say my goodbyes and whatnot. Probably would have seemed odd though; saying goodbye to friends I haven’t talked to in awhile.

Then she opens the door, like she knew that I’d be here; it was hurried, like she knew I had a gun up to my head. Our eyes connect and then hers fall on the trigger that I’m holding.

I drop the gun, and I sob. It’s a much needed one too—one that I’ve been holding onto for years because I guess I just haven’t felt anything. You don’t really feel anything when you don’t care. You’re indifferent, so indecisive about everything that should matter.

You’re indecisive about everything, except about wanting to die. Really, that’s the only thing I was so definite about. I mean, sure, I was even indecisive about how to end my life—pills, gun, or hanging—but I managed to make a decision.

My only problem is that I couldn’t go through with it because somewhere in me, somewhere deep down, and buried beneath all the numbness and apathy, there was still an ounce of motivation, or whatever the hell’s the opposite of apathy, I guess. “Having a care” sounds weird.

She slides the gun across the room—it’s a quick motion, like she’s afraid of just touching it. I wasn’t afraid of holding it in my hand, or holding it against my temple. Holding it wasn’t the problem—pulling the trigger was the problem, and I wish it wasn’t. If I could have been able to pull the trigger the moment I put the gun up to my head, it would have been perfect. Everything would have ended, everything would have been done.

But then I saw that look on her face—horrified, full of terror, looking betrayed, but pleading me not to kill myself . . . it was scary. Now that I’ve seen that face I don’t know if I can do this again.

She holds me tightly, like I’ll slip away and go after the weapon, but I’m done. I slump against her and cry profusely; I let my body tremble and shake violently while she chimes in with her own sobs.

We must look ridiculous crying here on the floor of my room, and I try to think of the aftermath. I try to think about how it’ll be once our crying dies down and we’re just holding each other. What then? She asks how I’ve been doing? She waits until my parents come home and tells them what I just tried to do? Does she give me a speech about why I shouldn’t kill myself, or will we just sit here for hours?

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing quotes from me, but: Kurt Cobain quoted from Neil Young: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

Ironically enough, Cobain killed himself. And that line was in his suicide letter.

Am I fading away by being so apathetic?

And I wonder, was that ever such a bad thing—just fading away? Because, after being so indecisive about everything, that sounds like a perfectly okay thing to do. In fact, I want to just fade away. Granted, that’s still me talking about death, and I said that the only thing I was sure about was wanting to die, but . . .

Maybe it’s a start. Maybe a start to caring again.
So, this is more or less based off of me, and my thoughts mostly. I've never tried killing myself, but I've definitely had my share of depressive states. I used to be really depressed from 7th to 9th/10th grade. I've been so much better, but I've noticed that while I've ditched the "look" of being depressed or suicidal, I've become very . . . I dunno, unmotivated and just indecisive about everything. Almost kind of uncaring. I'm not sure if I really understand it myself. I think it mostly has to do with getting older, and having to plan all this crap for college and wondering where the hell I'm going to go in life. I can honestly say that I don't like thinking about that kind of stuff. I worry about the things that are happening now. School projects, tests, having to stand up in front of the class and present a powerpoint, etc. I don't like wrapping my head around too much of the future.

Honestly, sometimes I wish I could just . . . not do any of this. A lot of the time I just don't see a point in anything, and it's really irritating because I want to do things. I'd like to go to an art college, I'd like to have friends, and I'd like to be more or less happy with my life. I just don't know how to achieve happiness, I guess. I can't picture myself anywhere in the future. I don't know what I'm doing. And it's all going by too fast. Senior year. I need to get my temps, I need to put together a portfolio, visit more colleges, and just . . . blahh. I'm trying to comprehend that in like, four years I'll be out of college and off into the real world, and I don't know if I like that.

And I just don't understand why. Life is . . . weird, and a lot of the time I don't see why I'm here, and if there's really a purpose.

I'm not suicidal, just very indecisive . . . and apathetic. Pfft.

It's weird though because I feel like a really happy person, but then when I'm not I'm this, just thinking about where the hell I'm going and blahijfkiajfdkalfd.

Just a little venting, I guess. And let me make clear that this character's thoughts are not all mine. Pfft. But she is based off of me, I've realized. When you write something, especially something that's personal, or something you can relate to, it's easy to put a part of yourself in it. Blah blah blah. I cannot explain my brain.
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confidenceAlive Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I can relate.

Trying not to be redundant with others' comments here but I understand. I graduated from highschool last May and now I'm into my first (and probably my only) year of college. I took on a full course load (five courses a term, five this term and five next term) but I signed the withdrawal on three of them (two this term, one next) because circumstances right now, between my family and my girlfriend and extended family, were just too much for me to take on the load. But anyway, that's just a bunch of mishmash. I'm taking a computer technology certificate program..just a year-long program, I'll be done next April... but the only reason I chose this was because I couldn't choose anything else. I didn't know what else to do. Certainly didn't have the means to go to a better college for a program that fits my dreams better. And it feels like a dead-end trade.

Especially after starting college, I've had a lot of doubts as well. I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't know what I'm doing next year, or how I'm going to support myself on my own. Or where I'll go. Should I start my own business or work for someone else. Dumb, nagging questions.

I've had my share of depression and this year's been none too easy on me. I've never been suicidal either though I've thought plenty about it. I guess I just never got desperate enough.

I don't think though, (and please do correct me if I'm wrong and this just doesn't fit at all, it's just something on how I've interpreted what you've said) that apathy's really the thing, because it doesn't sound to me like you don't care at all. It sounds to me like you're just afraid of the unknown, and I can relate to that.

Anyway... This piece was very moving, and I really enjoyed it; thank-you for sharing. (:
VenDuckie Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Well glad to see i'm not the only one who's had feelings like this before.

This was really well written and i can relate to the thoughts both you and the character shared.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I feel like everyone has a low point in their lives eventually. Some more than others, but we can all relate in some way. I don't think I'm exactly reverting back to the way I used to be, but I know that this way of thinking is a bit similar to what I felt a couple years ago. Not quite the same, but definitely familiar, which isn't the most positive thing in the world.

Thanks! And I'm glad that you can! Well, maybe not exactly glad that you're having somewhat negative feelings like these, but it's always good to feel like someone else understands these feelings, that's for sure. :)
lenfangirl Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I sorta was the same way i'm in 8th grade and a few weeks before now i tried to commit suicide. Though nobody that lives in my house knows that. My family used to be and somewhat still is really bad. For 2 weeks now I've just blocked out my feelings, but after I did that everyone told me I was on something. I am also getting bullied, because my school sucks at keeping kids under control. Do you have any advise for me?
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well, first, I would like to say that committing suicide should never be an option for anyone, especially for one so young. Like that quote says: Suicide is a permanent answer to temporary problems. I think that's very true, and there's always a way to get around very painful and unbearable problems . . . it just might take a little more hurt and discomfort to solve, or overcome these problems. Getting through it all isn't very fun, but once it's all said and done, it's one of the best feelings knowing that you can be happy. It's weird being able to look back at your old, depressive self and realize that you're so much better off.

What I would suggest for you to do is to reach out to someone, especially about the bullying. You really need to tell a teacher or a counselor about that. Maybe it could be a step in making sure your school has a safer environment for its students, so that way no one else has to be bullied. Otherwise, nothing may be done, unless someone else steps up about it. And same goes for attempting suicide. I think that you need to reach out to someone about that too. I'm not exactly sure what your family life is like, but I'd tell them about being depressed, and nearly ending your life. Something like this shouldn't be taken lightly, especially since there's people out there that will want you around in the future.

And if you feel like you can't talk to a parent, school counselor, or teacher about it, there's always those suicide hotlines where you can talk to them about it. Might seem a little odd to talk about it over the phone with someone you don't know, but at the same time . . . it could really help. I haven't personally used a suicide hotline myself, but I've heard that they can be of some help if you need to talk to someone. Letting someone know about your thoughts can be a step to help yourself in the long run. You're giving yourself a chance to reach out.

I may not exactly be the right person to give you advice about this, but after being in a situation kind of like this, I can give you my best insight about it. I really hope things turn out alright for you, just try your absolute best to stick your neck out and get through all of this. I will say that things can get better if you want them to. And if you need to talk more, I'm here. :) :hug:
lenfangirl Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks,It still is sad with my school though. They don't actually do anything,you see.But I will try my best =) thanks again, and it is getting better here.
NKWhite Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student Artist
You write suicidal thoughts for characters down really well, I've noticed.

And it's perfectly normal to be apathetic when you're this young, I mean, you don't have a lot of big decisions to be making and stuff any way. You've never been in love, you can't vote, drive, you're not in college, you don't party... you don't put yourself in those dangerous situations where you need to ask yourself, "Am I too drunk to drive? Should I have sex with him without protection? Should I vote for Romney?"

You're still young. You don't have to pay bills, vote, you can't legally drink... it's normal to just drift through your days, trying to find yourself, have fun, get through high school and not really have any idea where your future is heading.

The first decision towards your future is if you're going to college, and then where you're going to go. I mean, that's as far as I've gotten. I have no freaking clue what kind of job I'm going to have after I finish school.

And love really is one of the strongest, happiest feelings I think I've ever experienced. You can't cut yourself short before you have a chance to experience it. It's... it's kind of amazing. It's an intense, bubbly feeling and it's warm, and fuzzy, and it's probably the happiest I've ever felt in my life. Seriously. I mean, before I met Brantley I felt completely apathetic towards everything too. My grades sucked, my relationship with my parents sucked, I looked like the grim reaper, I wouldn't talk to anyone, and I always looked unhappy. I was depressed and I didn't know it because it just felt natural, y'know? But I had no reason to be happy. I had no friends worth a shit, no idea what the future was going to be, and I was stuck in the hell hole known as high school. But literally everything turned around when I met Brantley... It's funny how one person can affect your life in a really big way.

But seriously, dude. You're only what, 17? You're still a kid... just enjoy being a kid until you have to have an opinion and until you have to make huge decisions. Have fun and just live your life, and maybe you'll eventually meet someone and things will turn around. Having someone by your side through hell at least makes it more enjoyable.

Oh, and when I was deciding on a college, I felt completely apathetic about it too. Just... unmotivated, y'know? I was kind of like, "What's the point, I'm not going to get accepted to any of the ones I want to go to anyway." But then I got accepted to SCAD, so... I dunno, it kind of gave my a little kick in the butt.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, it's weird . . . I mean, I guess being depressed to the point of heavily contemplating suicide gives insight into how to write a character about to commit it. I don't know. I feel like writing depressing things is one of my stronger points in writing. I tried to switch it up with My Best Friend though since that was more on the happier side . . . hmm, we'll see what I do with Finn's story. I mean, it'll be depressing, but not in the same way. :O_o:

I mean, I just don't see a point in doing something really stupid, like getting wasted and then sleeping with a bunch of guys. Orrrr going to a crazy party . . . mostly because I just don't like partying with strangers, especially if there's going to be alcohol. I'm just not an impulsive person who's OUT THERE. And I don't dance. Pfft. Honestly, I'd rather be drawing, writing, or playing video games. Seriously. And I feel like drunk driving would never be a problem for me . . . I also don't see a point in drinking alcohol in the first place (at least for me). PFFT. Unless it's hard lemonade, or something that tastes good, but . . . I wouldn't be stupid enough to be driving anywhere. XDD;

Also, fuck Mitt Romney. He should just . . . seriously go away. :lol: XDDD

I dunno. To me, I feel like I might not exactly need a significant other to make me the happiest person alive. That's not the case for everyone, I guess. A lot of the times I wonder if I'm actually fit for caring about someone like that. Obviously I wouldn't know though. I mean, I'm sure before you met Brantley you never would have imagined meeting him and being able to feel that strongly for him, so I could absolutely be wrong. You just don't know until you experience it, I guess. So . . . honestly, I'm not too worried about that for now. Still in high school, going off to college soon enough, and I'm . . . I'm mostly just worried about what I can do to make myself comfortable, both as a person, and just . . . art-wise, I guess.

I have the hardest time explaining myself. I feel like I can look at other people and understand why it is they do the things they do. Of course, I'm sure a lot of people know how to do that. It's basically just like character analysis. But then there's other people that really can't (like my friend Amber, for example). When it comes to myself, there's things that I can't quite break down, and understand why I think a certain way. I mean, I do, but I also . . . don't. Usually I have to consult Elizabeth (she's seriously like, the master of analyzing people, pfft) and she can tell me why I think a certain way . . . and that's especially because we think alike. I don't even know where I was going with that. Maybe I don't quite understand at all. XDD;

I feel like I'm going to be one of those young adults who seriously just won't grow up. PFFT. I mean, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's like the world expects everyone to be so disturbingly mature . . . sure, I can clean, cook (to an extent, I suppose. Give me a cook book and I'll be good. PFFT), do laundry, etc. but . . . I feel like up to the age of twenty-four, people are still so freaking young. My cousin Megan's twenty-four and I still feel like I can talk to her as if she's my age. And she's like 5'11'', so she looks older (despite the fact that people mistake her for being much younger), but . . . I dunno. Getting older is just so odd to me. Like, does a fifty year-old still feel some-what like "him or herself?". It's hard for me to explain. O__o

That's how I feel. I'm afraid I won't get accepted anywhere. D: . . . I need to get my portfolio together. I have maybe, nine things, so in order to get one together for SCAD I would at least need one more thing.
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