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October 15, 2012
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Character Busts (WIP) by LittleSpaceStars Character Busts (WIP) by LittleSpaceStars
OH MY GOSH, UPDATE: Fixed some anatomy, regarding:

Finn: Neck, shoulders, arms
Gage: Jaw, neck, shoulders, torso (I'LL FINISH YOUR ARM, I PROMISE).
Jiya: Face, arms/torso
Susan: Eyes
Nikki: Eyes, shoulders/torso
Jack: Hair (Nooooowww he looks like himself)
Jeevan: Hair (Y U NO PERFECT? :icony-u-noplz:) I need feedback on his hair. Definitely. Does it look weird now? Pfffttt.

I'm sure you all hate me. :iconyaomingmemeplz:


So, obviously this isn't done. Pffft. I think that some of these are absolutely finished, and others . . . I'm not so sure about. I'm either going to have to fix them (especially eyes, for whatever reason), or completely redraw them. The blank space is reserved for a character who I feel needs a makeover. So, currently I'm sketching out some different designs for her. :lmao:

Top Row: Jeevan, Casey, Jiya, Susan, Jackie
Bottom Row: Nikki, Jack, Gage, Winry (not pictured), and Finn.

This is kind of a revamp of this: Only difference is the set up, and the fact that I switched out a lesser known character for a character that more people are aware of. Pfft.

WELL. It looks like I've gotten better at noses. Annnnd jaw lines. Kind of. And eyes, I guess. O__o

AND HAIR. Oh god, hair. I think.


I'll color this when I figure it all out. Feedback on the way they look would be helpful. Like, suggestions and what-not. Yeah. D8

Also, Jiya is . . . so difficult to draw. I mean, she's this cute little Asian lady . . . but at the same time she needs to look like an adult, yet pull off the more rounded face, I think. I gave her more formal clothes in my attempt to make her look older. :icononionfailplz: It could also be the fact that most Asian women just . . . look younger. I dunno. At least on the Internet, which can be very misleading. O__o

I don't know whether or not I like how Jack turned out. He's been giving me difficulties lately. FFFTTT. And Jeevan's jaw line is such a pain in the ass. First I drew it too broad, and now it may be too thin. URRGGHH.
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alyn-art Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Student Artist
Looking better! :D

Just a couple more things me and Stacie noticed (she said she noticed you updated so I came back to look. XD)

Some of the shoulders are off. Here's a tip on how the shoulders should be measured: Take the width of the head, and the length of the shoulder should be twice that.

Also, the sternum (look it up, it's an important part of the chest) is also as long as the width of the head.

Also, maybe practice drawing ribcages and keep an eye on where that tenth rib is. (I can tell it's off on Gage, on the right side next to his arm. Both sides of his waist are going in, which in real life, one side should be going the other way... if that makes any sense.) Oh, and the pecs on Gage are too high.

But it's looking really good so far! :D
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Shoulders are my enemy. Oh my gooddd. XDD

So, the width of the head . . . like, the length of each shoulder should be twice the length of the head? Or both of them together? :O_o:

Ahh, yes. The ribcage. Pffft. I should probably start sketching that out when I draw the torso. I'm sure it would help give more dimension too, so it doesn't look so flat. :O_o:

Goddamn it, Gage. I even used a reference for you. LMFAO. Not that it make it completely accurate since with reference you're still just eyeballing it. Auuughh, I have some anatomy to study. Dear god. I like how it all connects though, like you said with the length of the sternum is as long as the width of the head. Keeps it all in proportion, especially if you have a taller character, like Jack. :lmao:

I'm trying. :dummy:
alyn-art Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Student Artist
Yeah, take the width of the head, and the length of the shoulders are two head... widths.

Here's some more tips if you wanna use them in the future:

The humerus (the top arm bone) stops at the tenth rib. So it's as long as the ribcage.

The hand stops right below the hips.

The fingers are as long as the palm of the hand, and each phalange in the finger (you have four, I think) is a third the size of the next. So say the first phalange coming off the metacarpals is two inches long, the next phalange would be a third of that.

The femur is the longest bone in the body (and is also the toughest. Irrelevant. XD) and it curves inward. A lot of people don't know that, but that's why slimmer people have gaps where their legs meet and part, because the legs make like... an S curve.

Aaand... hmm. I'm trying to think of some other stuff, but I'm drawing a blank right now. :O_o: Maybe cause it's 1:18 AM. Pfft.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Okay, that makes sense! Just making sure. Pfft. XDD

That's helpful. Sometimes I don't know where to end the top arm. :B

Makes me wanna draw Jack's hands. I'm sure he has some big-ass hands with long palms and long, skinny fingers.

I knew that! Only because it's like that on diagrams. Pfft. If I had just used my body as reference I never would have known. My thighs just make it look like my femurs would be straight down, but obviously that isn't the case. Guess that's how it is for a lot of people, thinking about it like that and just assuming the femur runs straight down, instead of like . . . diagonally, almost. :lmao:

When the hell did that happen? :iconidislikeitplz: XDD
wolfgrl1492 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
Wow, you have improved immensely since the last bust group set thingy. I'm digging all of the designs, especially Jeevan's. The longer face coupled with the smaller facial features gives him an older look. This makes me jealous, and creates a desire for me to figure out my characters' revamped designs and get them on paper!

I would agree with *NoFKsweregiven about the necks. They definitely need to be thicker. Finn's especially, since he works out and would probably have some beef goin' on dere. If I may offer some advice, next time you draw a bust, try to have the neck line swoop into the shoulder a little bit. I notice that you often draw the neck and shoulders at almost right angles. There needs to be more space there, because there are muscles above the bones, too.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ahaaa, I'm glad to hear it! I actually didn't know that I had improved that much, until I looked back at that character bust. I never realized how . . . ehh, it looked. PFFT. I mean, of course I wouldn't think like that when I first drew it since that was the best I could do. Hopefully (even after I fix up some stuff on this character bust sheet) I'll be able to do the same the next time I do this. :lmao:

I've always found Jeevan's design to be difficult to capture. I don't know what it is, but . . . I want him to resemble Jack (hence the longer face and smaller nose this time around), but also look huge and all muscular, so he acts as a foil to his son. So, I think I'm getting closer. Still not there yet, but definitely getting closer! Just need to find the perfect balance. I may play around with a couple different designs and see what features I like on him best. XDD . . . and I would absolutely love to see your characters' revamped designs! It's always interesting to see the changes a character goes through. :'DD

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what I was doing with the necks. Pfft! I think I've gotten a little better at them (at least compared to the previous busts), but I definitely still have a long way to go. The neck/shoulder/torso area seems to give me the most trouble. Like, connecting it all together! So, that's what I'm doing right now, and I definitely see a difference because they look less stiff and more natural. And, in Finn's case, more beefy. Ahahaa. I knew I had some work to do with him and his neck and shoulders, as well as his arms. Same goes for Gage. I just gave him a thicker neck and better shoulders. Hopefully. :lmao:

I never really noticed that about the shoulders and neck--how I'm making them nearly right angles. I'll make sure to keep away from that. I'll have to do a shoulder and neck study. 'Dem muscles above 'dem bones. Pfft! XDD
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Student General Artist

These are awesome! You got WAY better at drawing faces!! These are really nice! I love them! :D

Nikki actually kinda looks like a toned down version of Merida in this XDDD Oh and I really like Finn. They way you drew him gave him so much personality. I love him! XD
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aww, well, thanks! :iconohstopityouplz: I mean, I obviously still have a lot of things to work on, but when I looked back at the old character busts, I was surprised to see how . . . much I've actually improved. PFFT. Really weird. XDD

She's fun to draw, whenever I draw her . . . correctly. Ahahaa. And she does! I can see it! And, oh, Finn. Finn is such a . . . I love drawing him because he's the complete opposite of me, and he basically serves as a foil to Gage . . . who's also the complete opposite of him for the most part (unless you bring up Jack, who literally is the real foil of Finn in almost every aspect, PFFT.) Finn is such a lovable asshole. :lmao: . . . and right now I'm fixing his shoulders and beefing up his arms. He's too thin here. Same goes for Gage. Ahahaa. Then Finn'll be much more of himself. XDDD
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh yes, I saw the laundry list of critiques Nikki gave you XD Yeah, she's right about those things, too. But don't overwhelm yourself! You've improved so much, so you should be happy where you are right now. But yeah, take Nikki's advice and use it in the future! You'll learn all that stuff when you take life drawing and drawing anatomy classes.

Oh lord.... XD I love characters like Finn. Reminds me of my old OC Adin.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm so freaking excited. Bahaha. 8D

OH MY GOD. Adin. How could I forget that boy? :rofl:
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