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September 3, 2008
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“We have an emergency!”

*     *     *

“Chris!” Nikki, married to Jack for little more than two years, giggled in a high pitched baby voice. “Walk to Mama!”

The nine-month-old was helped balanced up to his feet by his father, Jack. Holding onto his son’s hands, a giant stitch grin stretched across his face as they watched Chris attempt to walk for one of the many times he had endeavored.

Their only child gurgled in response as he plopped back down onto his bottom, the diaper cushioning the abrupt fall. The proud parents only laughed along as Chris grinned his crooked and toothless smile.

*     *     *

“Sir, if you can hear us, please give us a sign.”

*     *     *

Minutes later after half a bottle of milk for Chris, Nikki came into the living room, the little baby cuddled up in his mother’s arms. “Jack, could you get him to bed for me?”

She giggled as he suddenly popped off the couch and grinned, “Sure.” With that, he kissed Nikki on the lips and retrieved Chris from her tender grasp.

“Okay little guy, you ready for bed?” Jack asked as he held his son in the air, waiting to lay him down into the crib.

With a happy giggle, Chris replied, “Gludah…”

“Yeah… Gludah’s here….” Jack chuckled as he carefully laid his son into the crib, kissing him goodnight on his little forehead.

As soon as he knew that Chris was sleeping, Jack quietly escaped into the kitchen, taking a look at the bottle of pills that he received three months ago for his heart from the “dreaded” doctor.

For the past three months, Jack had not been taking the pills, but instead, skipping out on it. Because he didn’t have any problems in that amount of time when he had received it or anytime before that, he assumed that he would be alright without them. He didn’t take anything when he was a kid, or for the matter, when he was in high school. Would it make a difference anyway?

Quietly, he put the pills away, making his way to the bedroom where Nikki wearily lied waiting for him.  

“Hi…” She said in a weary tone of voice as he approached the doorway.

He didn’t reply, but instead sat beside her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, brushing the hair out of her face asking, “You okay?”

A little smile fell upon her face as she answered, “Yeah…just tired.”   

“Okay then… goodnight.” He whispered, giving her a kiss and receiving one back.

*     *     *

“Please Sir! Answer us!

*     *     *

“Gu…Gludahhhh…” A tiny voice came from the hallway.

Jack, being a heavy sleeper, at first didn’t hear Chris calling out his “name” until a flash of lightning from the nearby window had managed to shine through his eyelids. With a massive yawn, he looked over at his wife who was still sleeping peacefully then over at the alarm clock that read 2:35 A.M. Getting up out of the bed, he roamed down the hallway until he reached his son’s bedroom doorway, seeing the little toddler standing up in the crib.

Another yawn escaped Jack’s mouth as he whispered, “Hey buddy… what’s up?”

The small child with brown and black fur only gazed at the window that was streaked with water vapor running down the glass, a bright vein of lighting in the distance every now and again.

“Do you want the curtains closed?” Without an answer, Jack groggily headed over to the pane, about to pull the blue curtains over the wet window until thunder up-roared outside.


Suddenly, Jack had heaved his head back, his eyes looking upwards towards the ceiling, his hands cradling his skull, while he let out a loud holler. Something was hurting… whatever had made his head throb as if someone had hit him hard in the skull, Jack couldn’t say. Whether is was the sound of the thunder drumming outside, echoing across the sky or the loud crash of the lightning hitting someplace on the ground, it had really hurt.

As Jack embraced his head with Chris watching in honest helplessness, the twenty-two year old could feel the familiar pang from his childhood that ran through his heart, rapidly growing stronger.

*     *     *


*     *     *

No! No . . . no . . . this can't be happening! It can't.

Jack abruptly let out another yell as if someone had broken his arm like the time he fell out from the tree in his backyard when he was eight. As he clasped the area where his heart was located, he pulled at his fur, matting the white and black fuzz. Tears pricked at his eyes as the thunder and lightning outside became louder, tampering with his consciousness and making his head throb more with the unheard echoes through his head.

Chris began crying, distressed that his father was screaming for a reason that he couldn’t understand yet with such a young mind.

With Jack fading deeper and deeper, losing his lucidness, Chris’ cries had become faint with the rest of the background noises until he could hear absolutely nothing. His legs had soon buckled beneath him, then allowing his body to collapse completely to the floor, holding his head, not a breath escaping his mouth. Until his vision was blurred completely into the darkness, he had spotted Nikki huddled up by the doorway, looking stiff and beyond frightened, her mouth moving, probably calling out his name over and over again….

*     *     *

“…He’s not responding…”

*     *     *

Faint voices had filled Jack’s mind as he was coming around, yet, not able to see his surroundings.

“We have an emergency!”

“Sir, if you can hear us, please give us a sign.” Opening his eyes, everything was blurred as if Jack were looking through a frosted window. Light from what seemed to be a flashlight, was shined over and over his pupils again and again, nauseatingly. With his head spinning, he had willingly let his eyes glaze over, not welcoming the bright lights and environment. The pain within his heart seemed to be at its fullest, the left side of his body seemingly feeling paralyzed and numb.

Suddenly, he felt a cool feeling circle shaped metal pressed over his heart, which caused it to hurt more hastily. He just wished that these people would cut it out. Jack was surprised that he wasn’t screaming his lungs out because his head was throbbing like crazy! Although he could definitely tell that there were tears streaking down his face, the wetness seemingly staining the light and short fur on his face. “Please Sir, answer us!”

When Jack opened his mouth to speak back, he heard nothing but a long-awaited yell escape instead. Just as soon as he stopped, he felt his mouth being covered with some kind of plastic… He opened his eyes once more, seeing a breathing mask covering half of his face. With his vision fading off again, he closed his eyes once more not able to tell where exactly he was heading.

*     *     *

A lone mother with her sleeping baby sat in front of a window in a hospital, peering into an emergency room, waiting for her husband to appear quickly in the room healthy and alright. But to end her hopes, she saw the black and white Who being wheeled into the room on a bed, his strawberry red and black hair matted, and a breathing mask placed over his mouth and nose.  

Nikki had to suffocate her cries within her throat as multiple shots of medicine were pierced into his arms, along with an IV that ran to his neck, injecting the medication that would lead straight to his heart.

The monitor by the bed recorded the rapid heart beat that was being produced by none other then Jack who lied uncomfortably in the bed, unaware of what was going on.

As the doctors tried to calm Jack down, his heart began to race faster, his head probably hurting even more. His body heaved up and down with uneasy breathing while his face was flushed compared to his vibrant hair.

Tightening her grasp on Chris, she shifted in her chair, containing herself from barging into the room to see her husband.

But as soon as she had settled herself down, the monitor had suddenly stopped completely. No beating was indicated on the screen from Jack’s weak heart. The room once loud with rapid beep, beep, beep until the they all clashed together into one long, ongoing beeeeep, which had sent Nikki to bolt up from her seat panicking.

The doctors in the emergency room had acted quickly, taking out a defibrillator from the corner of the room, wheeling it towards the bed in urgency. What seemed to be the head doctor, took the defibrillator, rubbing it together to catch electricity.

N-No, not that! Nikki found tears staining her cheeks, as they poured endless, rolling off of her chin. Not able to maintain her sobs, she hugged Chris tighter, trying to feel comforted as the doctor stated-


Turning away from the window and crouching beside the chair, she could hear the zapping sound of the defibrillator upon Jack’s chest. Nikki could no longer stifle her crying, but instead buried her face within her free hand, a confused Chris eyeing her, unaware of what his father was going through that very minute.



“…he’s not responding…”


Nikki desperately wanted to sink into the chair, unable to hear the sounds of the hospital’s equipment, but as much as she wished, she couldn’t because she could hear it clearly through her head.

One and a half minutes had passed, the doctors still pumping electricity through Jack’s unresponsive heart.

Whether it would do anything or not, Nikki shrilled with her hand and face pressed upon the glass, “JACK!”  


“Clear… clear….” The doctor replied, waiting for a response.

*     *     *

Voices around the bed that Jack was sitting on ,were unbearably loud and unclear, his vision still blurred beyond belief. He had been straining with the burning in his heart, and the pounding within his head. Soon he could not take it and opened his eyes instead, taking in a quick and painful breath, and feeling the darkness consume him, cutting off what seemed to be his life supply.

*     *     *

A sudden gasp was heard from the bed, as Jack bolted upwards, coughing hysterically. The monitor started to beat at a normal rate once more. The doctors and nurses in the room gently pushed Jack backwards to lay down and mind the IV sticking into his neck.

He wearily gazed across the room to see a window, Nikki and Chris behind it. His wife gave a pale smile of deep concern, her eyes full of tears as she shifted the toddler in her arms. Trying to mind giving back the grin, he couldn’t do so as he felt too faint.

Nikki watched him from the window, seeing his eyes close, tired from lack of energy. She sighed deep with desperation and confidence that he would be okay.


Looking down at her son, he was staring back up with an innocent face, oblivious to the scene that had occurred.

A shiver racked up her spine and she whispered, “Yes… Gludah’s fine…”

*     *     *

Jack had shortly awakened in a different, but still lifeless, room with bright iridescent lights shining above from the ceiling. The same IV was still pierced within the side of his neck, the pain within his heart completely gone. A bit of his headache still lingered, but it defiantly wasn’t going to stop him right now.

Slowly raising his head to look at who was at the edge of the bed, he spotted Nikki contently looking at him, sitting there with Chris at her feet.

“Gludaaaaahh.” Chris giggled as he crawled towards his father.

“Chris… you shouldn’t-”

“H-he’s fine…” Jack stammered wearily as their son collapsed into his father’s lap. Adjusting himself so that he could see everything, his vision cleared up and could see that he was indeed in a hospital. Instead of freaking out like he used to as a kid, he remained calm, a guilty expression consuming his face. “I didn’t mean to-”

A stern and hurt face from the end of the bed interrupted, almost in tears, “Y-you had…pills from the doctor, didn’t you? You didn’t take them like he said to.”

A hard tremble racked up Jack’s spine as he confessed, “N-no…I just thought-”

“You just thought? What do you mean Jack! Your doctor gave you those pills to give you more of a chance to overcome your heart attacks!” Nikki swallowed hard when she had raised her voice a bit. “Why did you think that you could get away with this and not hurt us or the baby?”

Jack felt lost for words as she made her point clear. Looking down at the child of theirs with tears welding up in his eyes he quietly answered, “I d-don’t know…Nikki.”

His wife could feel her tears release and roll down her cheeks as she whispered, “I just… How many times do you think you can break until you shatter completely?”

“W-what… what do you mean?”

“I’m saying that I d-don’t want you to risk your l-life! I don’t want you to leave us! You were gone for almost two whole minutes Jack!”

Jack felt his gaze lower to the bed sheets and then asked, “…gone?”

Rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand she sobbed, “…you… you were dead. You had no heartbeat…”

Feeling as though he were going to faint again, he picked Chris up into his arms and scooted over to Nikki to the best of his ability with the IV in his neck. She had her face within her hands, trying to overcome feeling alone, but then tensed up when she felt Jack grab her wrists and pulled them away from her head. Nikki looked up at him and then down at the gurgling Chris and a brief smile came upon her face. Her husband held Chris in one arm and then hugged each one of them together.

“I’m sorry…”
EDIT JULY 13, 09: I made them twenty-two instead. it is. ^^; Ahehe...heh. :invisible:

I don't know much about hopitals as I said before, but what can you do? *shrug*

I'm sure that there are a few mistakes and stuff... I'll edit it later when... well when my mom's off my case.
So.... yeeeaaah.... I was inspired by Paramore's song Emergency. I think it was just the title that triggered this story. :XD:

And yeeeaaah.... I made them twenty-three. :XD: All I know is that they had Chris in their twenties so I just put that down. :lmao:

If something doesn't make sense, just ask me so I can straighten out my horrible writing. ^^;

EDIT: After minutes of it being up: GAHHH! IT SUCKS! DUN' LOOK AT IT! :noes:

Nikki (c) ~NikChik-11
Jack (c) *PaopuDestiny
Chris (c) both of us. XD
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FeelingThorny Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
Omg... This is so sad but so romantic('Kinda) And so good! (See, I just got this account and I was reading your Fanfics and stuff before then, I always wanted to comment and then I finally got this account!)

Your an amazing writer!
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner May 9, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much. :D
FeelingThorny Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
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LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner May 9, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Naww. You're not. :lmao:

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FeelingThorny Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
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This STILL makes me cry, dude. :tears: I'm serious...there are tears running down my face.
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