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July 16, 2012


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Okay, question . . . am I the only one who honestly didn't really like Brave all that much? I mean, I really hate to say it because I LOVE Pixar. My expectations for Pixar's movies are always so high because they make unbelievably amazing ones. I was so excited for this movie and my expectations were that it would be freaking marvelous. Pfft. But after seeing it with my friends (one of which who knows exactly what I'm talking about) about a week ago, and having time to really digest it, it just didn't . . . reach my expectations for a Pixar movie. This is a movie I would maybe expect from Dreamworks. And don't get me wrong, I freaking love Dreamworks and the majority of their movies, but . . . to me Dreamworks usually uses more slapstick humor and is usually more raunchy, which I don't necessarily mind, but it's expected, but . . . from Pixar? No, not really. I look back at their movies like Up and Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Yes, they had slapstick humor in there at some point, but . . . not for the majority of the movie. They also had more developed stories and characters. Brave just didn't seem like a Pixar movie to me; it didn't have the same feel to it. Visually it did—it was freaking beautiful and I would never ever diss on that—but story-wise and character-wise . . . not so much.



Lets first start off with Merida. I love her character design and I was absolutely thrilled to finally get a female protagonist from a Pixar film. I was really excited for the headstrong, "I want my freedom" attitude from her . . . but what I mostly got was her being kind of a . . . brat. Okay, okay, I understand that she didn't want to get married—that she was the rebellious girl who realized that being married off without a choice was wrong—but the way she acted about it was kind of irritating. I mean, Fergus, her father, literally lets her do what she wants, so then her mother Elinor turns into the bad parent figure because she's the one pestering her about how to be a princess, which essentially Merida will have to become eventually unless maybe she were to run away. I mean, that'd be a bit daring and following her so-called path—running away and starting a new life since she can't see to actually sit down with her mom and actually talk to her about this. I mean, she goes on and on about following her path and wanting her freedom, but she never exactly makes the attempt until she accidently stumbles upon a witch.

Another problem I had was that . . . it felt so rushed. I'm pretty sure this movie only took up maybe two days once her mother was turned into a bear. I feel like it could have been stretched over maybe a week (and then spell/curse would have to be extended as well) to really imply and show a real bond between mother and daughter, so the audience could really take in that they're getting along and understanding each other. I felt like I never had time to sit there and be depressed. Like, when they're in the forest in the rain sleeping under that tree they had maybe fifteen seconds of moping and then suddenly it's all happy in the morning. I was like, "W-Wait, I . . . I didn't . . . LET ME ME MOPE FOR A DAMN MINUTE OR TWO! :iconwthplz:"

Something else that bothered me was the mom as a bear. Okay, I didn't mind that she was going to be a bear because I was aware of this happening, but . . . the majority of the time she was a bear she was focused on adjusting her crown and walking on two feet. I mean, it was appropriate when she woke up a bear and was extremely overwhelmed and afraid that she's a freaking bear, but . . . I felt like that went on too long. It was funny for maybe the first five minutes, but after that I was . . . seriously waiting for some real humor. Maybe it seemed to go on so long because it only happened for TWO DAYS. Sigh. And what irritated me was that it said she'd turn into a real bear when the sun rises, but . . . I felt like there wasn't enough of her acting like a bear. When they went to go get fish it was like she had no instincts at all. Her becoming the scary bear persona happened maybe twice and they were brief . . . I don't really know how to explain that. I guess it didn't bother me as much as some other things.

The witch. I seriously thought the witch was going to play a bigger role. And did ANYONE else have THIS FACE: :iconincomprehensionplz: when Merida asked for that spell? She said something along the lines of needing to change her fate, but . . . She didn't even tell the witch what the hell was going on! It kind of implied that the witch already knew, but . . . WTF. Merida wasn't very specific about what exactly she wanted. There was no, "My mother is trying to get me to marry some guy that I won't love, I need something to change that." Merida's wish was SO VAGUE that it was literally asking to turn out all wrong. I mean, (okay I'm going to reference another movie) at least Ariel from The Little Mermaid made a clear wish and knew what the hell she could lose if she didn't succeed. The problem is that Merida completely trusted this witch and didn't even know what the hell she was going to get! For all she knew the freaking cake or whatever it was, could have killed her mother. Wouldn't that have had an impact on changing her fate? I'm sure that would have stalled the whole marriage thing, maybe even extinguished it. :iconwthplz: I don't mind naive characters because they end up learning something in the end (*looks over at Ariel* . . . erm, mostly), but the fact that Merida didn't even stop to think this over and just did it was kind of irritating. I understand that she was upset, but . . . that seems a little selfish though. She wasn't actually changing her fate with some dignity. She didn't personally change her fate, a witch did it for her and Merida was strung along with it. It would have made more of an impact on me if Merida had to go on some sort of quest to follow her own fate or path or whatever. That would have been strong-willed, but all Merida really didn't was whine about that and . . . I dunno. She did make a whole-heart attempt to save her mother, but . . . that was her fault. Pfft.

I was also expecting the witch to come back later in the movie, but she never freaking does. I was mostly expecting that the whole "I'm going away to a spring fair (or whatever the hell it was, I can't remember and Wiki isn't saying anything, pfft)" was just a little excuse, so that way Merida wouldn't rely on her. I thought the witch would be watching the entire thing unfold or something, so that way at the end of the movie she could have said some wise words or something. However, she is a witch after-all and they can be mischievous and ultimately can mess up people's lives, but . . . I felt like she was only there to give her the spell and to be some humor, that's it. Never comes back, nothing. She isn't a villain, but she isn't a good guy, so ultimately she's kind of pointless. She's just there to be the element that changes Merida's mother into a bear. I'd ask what the hell the witch would be gaining from the whole thing, but . . . she did get to sell all her carvings, which . . . was kind of weird. I thought that would just be a cover-up, not an actual hobby of hers. I was expecting that she'd gain something from Merida (aside from the money) by giving her that spell/curse, kind of like Ursula from The Little Mermaid (I'll stop comparing, I promiiiisee). I mean, Ursula gained people's souls or what-not, and Ariel was giving up hers and her voice for the time being, but . . . Merida on the other had wasn't knowingly sacrificing anything at the time. Sure, later she finds out that she's essentially sacrificing her mother, but . . . she wasn't aware because she made the vaguest wish ever. :iconidislikeitplz:

And . . . the wisps. I didn't really understand that (which is especially ironic considering that when I was eleven I had written a story with magical things called wisps in them and I didn't even know what exactly they were. WTF). I don't mind magical elements in stories, but you have to explain them. All I got from it was they're magical thingies that lead you somewhere that you need to go. That's it. No explanation as to what exactly they are, they just are. I mean, maybe they could have clarified that the wisps were spirits of people or animals or past kings and queens or something. Work with me here! D: And can anyone see them? Is it rare for people to come across them? I mean, at first it almost seemed like Merida's parents didn't believe she saw them in the forest when she was a little girl and wandered off to find her arrow. Note: After looking up what a wisp is (also known as a will-o'-the-wisp) they're a ghostly light seen by travelers at night that recede when approached, and they draw travelers from the safe paths. And there's all these things on how they're spirits of the dead or fairies or whatever . . . but did it ever explain that in the movie? I mean, my memory isn't that great, but I swore they never really said what exactly they were, other than how they lead you to your fate or whatever . . . even though it's said they lead travelers off the path, sometimes to their death. Woops. I mean, I honestly don't care if Pixar changes what the wisps do . . . but please clarify what they hell they are. D:

I'm aware that the triplets were just there for humor, but . . . I felt like they needed a bigger part to the story. Pfftt. I mean, honestly, what was the point in them changing into the bears? . . . humor. And the witch claimed that the cake would change Merida's fate because her mother would eat it. Does that mean her fate changed again because her brothers also ate the cake . . . ? I don't . . . understand. Ugh. And I felt like NO ONE was worried about the boys. Their father was too busy fighting with the other clans to even check up on them or Merida. I understand that they had a nanny, but . . . SHE'S FREAKING AFRAID OF EVERYTHING. And on top of that, the boys always get away with stuff when she watches them! . . . so really what was her purpose? . . . oh, right, slapstick humor. There it is again. Her and the boys were full of it. :iconwthplz: . . . I didn't mind it coming from the triplets, but the fact that it was coming from everywhere was what bothered me. It was radiating off the clans (annnnnd it was really raunchy to say the least) and the mother when she was a bear. I felt like that should have been coming from a Dreamworks movie like How to Train Your Dragon, but even that movie with all the vikings had more subtle humor and some dignity, which surprised me to no end).

Something this movie lacked was a proper villan. I mean, Mor'du was a prince who had turned into a bear after he got his wish from the witch (what's with her and bears anyway?). It wasn't like he was planning on killing or hurting people, he was just a wild bear. I mean, technically it's a spell/curse, but she said that he (and Merida's mother) would turn into a real bear . . . and real bear equals extremely rabid and violent . . . bear? What. So, was he still under the curse and that for some reason made him really violent (not like an actual bear, unless provoked), or . . . was he not and . . . that just . . . that doesn't make sense to me. :iconfacepalmplz:

Also, because the wisps weren't explained, I thought maybe the prince was the cause of the wisps. Like, he's the wisps looking for help or something. I felt like that's what it kind of implied because he had that same blue aura stuff, but . . . after he moved on, the wisps were still there. I mean, how would someone know that he wasn't the cause of the wisps if it isn't explained that the wisps are people's spirits? It makes sense now, but . . . ugghhh. DX

Now, I don't feel that every story should have romance in it, but . . . because marriage was involved in this, and it made a point that Merida wanted to choose someone that she would like to marry, I felt like it should have been brushed upon. When all the clans had grouped together I thought that maybe she'd walk out and meet some of the guys and show that she's freaking amazing and that maybe she'd find a guy that is equally amazing and they could have took a liking to one another. Not to the point where they're suddenly like, "OMG LETS GET MARRIED." (even though they were going to force her to marry someone anyway). Pfft. I dunno. I only say this because . . . Merida never made a point that she didn't want to marry a complete stranger or get married at all, and wanted to be by herself for . . . quite a while. I think this one's more opinion than anything, and I don't know exactly where I'm going with this, but . . . something just felt missing.

I also felt that it was weird how the entirety of the movie was basically Merida hiding her mother away. I didn't exactly expect it to be one of those movies, kind of like how Hiccup had to hide Toothless away from everyone else in How to Train Your Dragon. I thought that it would be more about Merida doing something to follow her own path and . . . god, I don't know anymore. And, speaking of How to Train Your Dragon, I felt like . . . they were really similar, which scares me. Annnnnnd Dreamworks did it better, which scares me even more, even though I really love them too. :iconwthplz:

The thing is, when I see a Dreamworks movie, my expectations are usually much lower than the expectations that I have for a Pixar movie. My expectations for Brave were really high, which is why it really disappointed me when it was . . . not that great of a movie to me. My expectations for How to Train Your Dragon were definitely lower. I mean, I had been waiting and waiting for that movie, and I was extremely excited for it like any other animated movie, but . . . typically my expectations are just lower for Dreamworks movies. So when I saw How to Train Your Dragon my mind was seriously BLOWN. I had grown so attached to the characters, and I freaking sobbed like a baby during the entire last part of the movie because I genuinely thought shit was going to go down. But with Brave . . . I didn't cry. I didn't cry at all. I felt kind of bad at the end, but . . . I didn't cry. I hadn't grown attached to any of the characters like I had wanted to. And typically I get emotional during animated movies. Something went wrong with this one for me. D:

Speaking of the end, was anyone else expecting a HUGE light or something? Like, a freaking beautiful transformation? Kind of like in Shrek? I was seriously waiting for that. It killed it for me. Killed it because it felt rushed. She was a bear and then suddenly she's just back to normal. No light, no anything. Merida didn't even notice that the fur on her mother's bear body had suddenly disappeared and that there was an immense change of size of what she was hugging, until she looked at her mother. No big deal. :iconwthplz: I was like, "The hell? Did I just . . . what? Did I freaking miss something? Did I black out for a minute there? WHAT? D:"

And while everyone was concerned for Merdia's mother being a bear, NO ONE questioned why the hell the triplets were bears too. No one. No one really commented and worried about them staying bears forever too. I just . . . :iconfacepalmplz: . . . also, I found it weird that after a day of Merida hanging out with her mother fishing and whatever while she was a bear was enough for her to change her mind about the whole thing. "Oh, remember that age-old custom we've had for basically forever? Well, because we hung out today and bonded a little (even though because I'm a bear I still don't get the chance to really sit down and talk about this with you) I'm going to decide that you don't have to do it, so essentially because of your mistake, and your attempt of turning me back to normal, I'm going to reward you by letting you choose your own fate." . . . that's what it felt like to me. Did Merida really earn her freedom? Did she really choose her own fate, or was just she cleaning up the mess she had made? I felt like after her mother was turned back, they needed to have a little moment where they clarify that Merida can choose her own fate. I felt like the ending would have been the perfect time for that. But, instead, it shows them riding off on horses with their hair free in the wind and . . . okay, so does this mean Merida's done being prepared as the princess? That she's ultimately learned everything there is to know about being one, because it doesn't . . . seem that way. Is she just . . . suddenly not going to be a princess now? I don't . . .  I know that she had learned to project her voice and take the initiative during that encounter with the clans while they were fighting inside their home, but . . . that's not really proof she's ready. :icondoublefacepalmplz:

I don't know what happened. I seriously don't. I feel like they could have done so much more with this movie. I don't want to say that I didn't like it. I don't want to say that Pixar didn't do as good of a job as they should have. I love them and just . . . ugh. This depresses me, especially since no one really seems to understand what I'm saying here. Pfft. D:

I mean, obviously people can have different opinions and I don't mind if you either loved this movie with a burning passion or hated it. I was just . . . disappointed. I felt like it was mostly aimed towards children that are going to laugh at all the slapstick humor and not actually care about the plot. :O_o: Don't get me wrong, kids understand a lot when they're younger and watch movies. I think back to when I watched animated movies and cartoons and I'll admit that I understood enough (though, I missed all those adult innuendos like every other kid, ahahaa). But, here's the thing, there's no excuse for children to watch garbage. Brave is no where near garbage to say the least, but I do feel like the people who were in charge of this movie were underestimating its audience a little. I felt like they didn't take enough chances, that they didn't take enough time to really tell a story. Maybe the movie itself was a bit of a chance. I mean, it had more of a . . . yeah, I'm going to say it, a Dreamworks feel to it. Dreamworks is known for all that quirky, daring, "I'm not a freaking perfect character, so you can suck it." I mean, Shrek was like a big, "Fuck you" to Disney. :lmao: . . . I guess what I'm trying to say is that Brave didn't fill in the expectations of a Pixar movie, but . . . just the expectations of any other animated movie.


The freaking movie is gorgeous. The dark atmosphere is absolutely appropriate and definitely freaking loved, and the character designs are amazing. I was seriously ready to reach out and touch Merida's hair, I was so in love with it. And despite the fact that I didn't exactly like the story or . . . how exactly it was presented to the audience, but it was still fun to watch and I did enjoy a lot of the slapstick humor. I don't hate slapstick humor, it's just that I don't necessarily like when that's about the only humor the movie has. :XD: And I also enjoyed the accents. Ahhhh, accents . . . even though real Scottish people from that time period would have had unrecognizable accents and we wouldn't be able to understand them. But, that of course, isn't important because we need to understand what they're saying. Pfftt. XDDD

I loved the little flashbacks. Little Merida was adorable and the song her mother and her sang together when it was storming outside made me all fluffy. I think that was one of my favorite parts out of everything. Pfft. That mother-daughter moment was golden.

And the action was definitely great, definitely dark for a Pixar movie, and that was much appreciated by someone who isn't under the age of ten. Anyone under the age of ten probably won't agree. LOL.

EDIT: StarSongs brings up a good point: the trailer was very misleading (and holy crap, I hate when companies do that shit). Honestly, when I saw the first trailer I thought it would be about Merida fighting for her own hand and defending herself so she wouldn't be married off. But after seeing the second trailer and some of the others, I realized that it would be about her hiding away her mother and turning her back. Pfft. Which . . . wasn't really what I wanted to watch in a way. I much rather would have wanted to watch a girl fighting for her freedom and proving a point in that competition for her hand—she shouldn't have to be married off to some guy if she doesn't want to, and that she's her own independent person. I think that would have been more interesting if it hadn't been about their mother-daughter bond. Like, that could have been a side-story, not the main one. I feel like the movie got side-tracked . . . with itself. :iconwthplz: . . . and now that I think about it, the whole villain part of it almost seems slapped in. Pfft.

Soooo . . . yeah. I needed to get that off my chest. If you'd like to share your opinions, that is very much welcomed. I'm . . . going to go lay down and think about what I have just done. :noes: XDDD

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ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow... You know what? I was kinda afraid to say that Brave wasn't that great, but I'm glad someone else said it!!

You're totally right, I mean... I was expecting a LOT from Pixar, I mean... a LOT. And then we get this really basic childish plot. It was like the opposite of what happened with How to Train Your Dragon. When I went to see How to Train Your Dragon I was expecting a basic childish, but cute story. But then when I saw it I was like HOLY SHIT THIS IS FUCKING EPIC AS HELL!!!!!

Then with BRAVE I was walking into the theater thinking OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING EPIC AS HELL and then me and my siblings walked out and we were like..... That was.... good... right?

GAHH!! DX I mean, it wasn't BAD, but it certainly didn't hold up to the Pixar standard.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I was afraid of saying something too! . . . but then I was like, "Ehh, fuck it. It's true. D:"

Right? I felt like they just dumbed the whole movie down to appeal to children and not the teen/adult audience that was also there to see the badassness that was supposed to be Brave. This movie had so much potential, but . . . they didn't use the right resources. I felt like they focused on all the wrong things. Like, the mother-daughter bonding moments were good, but the fact that it was the base of the entire movie really made it weak. If they had done more with the villain and her gaining her freedom it would have been much better.

I really wanted Merida to like, compete in the competition for her hand. After watching the movie, I had imagined more of a Little Mermaid/Mulan kind of deal. Merida would go to the witch to have a spell to help her get her freedom. It turns out that the spell would turn her into a boy for the duration of the tournament during the daytime and then back into her normal self at night. Thaaaat way she could compete in the competition (the only problem would be that her family might notice she's missing, pfft), converse with some of her suitors (I felt like the didn't have a big enough part in the movie, WTF?) win, and then reveal that she had just won her own hand or something. Something like that. Meh. :lmao:

Orrrr . . . I had wanted one of the suitors to end up winning her hand, she's upset and won't have it, she runs away to go off on an adventure to find herself. Something to that effect. Something that would have made her earn her freedom, not just kind of get it because she fixed a mess that she had created in the first place. Bah. D:

Or maybe in order to get Merida's hand the suitors would have to go through the competition, but it turns out that none of them are really worth it or they're tied. So, in order to settle it, they have to go out to kill Mor'du. Only Merida would do that . . . only instead of killing him she'd break the prince's curse or whatever. That would have tied in the whole prince thing better. They could have put more emphasize on his story. And because Merida "kills" Mor'du, she wins her own hand and calls the shots. :O_o:

The whole turning her mother into a bear thing just . . . didn't appeal to me. I felt like it didn't have that much of a reasoning behind it, I guess. They didn't do it correctly. I don't know. Bah. It's like they were trying to go all Brother Bear on us, but . . . you'd think they would have realized that turning the character into a bear wasn't that great of an idea in that movie either. PFFT. Off topic, but . . . I loved the beginning of Brother Bear with the three brothers. I really wouldn't have minded seeing a movie about their awesome bond and their lives and what-not. That was awesome. The whole guy turning into a bear thing was disappointing. Bah. :iconidislikeitplz:

You know what I'm saying? Auugghh. It just felt so half-assed and the moral of the story was messed up. It wasn't about changing your fate or getting your freedom. It's like it was about not turning your mom into a bear. Pfft. D:

I had the same reaction with How to Train Your Dragon. I thought it was just going to be a cute adventure or whatever with great animation . . . but it turns out that not only was it cute, it was scary, it was adventurous, it had a great plot, great animation, great characters, great humor, and . . . god, it was SAD. FUCKIN' EPIC, BRO.

That's how I was like too. Pfft. After it ended I turned to my friend Elizabeth and was like, "That . . . that wasn't . . . good. :iconohshitplz:"

Exactly. It just seemed like a movie any other animation studio could have slapped down, but for a Pixar movie . . . it was bad. It didn't reach Pixar status and that's really upsetting. D:

I look at it this way: Toy Story isn't loved because of its animation. I mean, you look back and you can definitely see that Toy Story 3's animation surpasses it big time. But the reason why Toy Story continues and will continue to be an amazing movie is because of the plot and the characters.

With Brave it's only so long before people realize it's not that great of a movie. Sure, it's nice to look at, but if you notice, all animated movies are starting to be really nice to look at. Technology's getting better. There's a problem with a movie looking really nice and not having a good plot: it can be garbage. DX
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Well apparently even professional animators have the same opinion. My friend was telling me that his teacher was saying that Pixar really did not hold it's standards for Brave.

You know, I don't even know if they WERE just trying to appeal to the children audience. Usually Pixar tries to go for all audiences. When they were advertising Brave, they were making it look epic and everything - like something both kids and adults would love. But then it was just... meh.

Also, another thing that our animation teacher said was that he couldn't tell who's story it was. Was it Merida's or her mom's?

You know what? I kinda like that idea of Merida becoming a boy. That would have been a VERY unexpected plot twist and if it were done right, it could have been great! Then, in the mean time, while Merida is trying to compete for her own hand, she wins over her suitors, but then she has to battle against an enemy kingdom who's trying to take over their kingdom. And then, it would be even better if the ruler of the kingdom planned to not kill Merida, but take her as his wife. Then Merida would have to actually fight for her freedom. THAT would have been a better movie. And yeah, the bears, I guess, were probably symbolic or something, but idk if they were necessary. Maybe Merida makes friends with wild bears because she feeds them, and being with the bears in the forest turns out to be the one place of escape from her strict lifestyle.

YES... I agree with the Toy Story thing. Toy Story has a great plot and great characters and acting in it and everything. The animation back then wasn't as good, and neither were the graphics, but it was still awesome!

Omg.... before I went to see Brave I was reading critic's articles about it saying that "It was better than UP" and now I'm like.... :|... you lied.
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm about to spam you with conversations that I didn't know I still had in my inbox. I think I'm literally going insane. I'm so out of it. :iconimhappyplz: *shot*

Right? I mean, the trailer really did look epic and that it would appeal to everyone. It was . . . very misleading. I really hate misleading trailers. More times than not the actual movie turns out . . . not so great. Pfft. It gives me high expectations. D:

Yeah, I felt that way too . . . it just . . . focused too much on Merida and her mother. That shouldn't have been the focus, in my opinion. :iconwthplz:

ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT. IF THAT WERE THE PLOT OF BRAVE I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS. I love the idea of there being an enemy kingdom and the king wanting her hand in marriage. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING AWESOME. Like, her ACTUALLY fighting it out for her freedom instead of making the goddamn vaguest wish to a witch and having to turn her mother back to normal. She didn't fight for anything. She just had to fix her really stupid mistake and came off as a whiny brat. Pfft. :iconohshitplz: . . . shit would have gotten serious if she had to fight for her freedom. She could have showed off her archery skills more, her confidence, her determination and will to get the freedom she would rightly deserve! . . . that completely trumps her whining over wanting her freedom and getting a witch to do it for her. Honestly, the whole turning into a bear thing was just pointless. They could have scrapped that whole thing and made a much better movie that focused on Merida, not her mother's hardship of being a bear.

Please work for Pixar and save their asses. Please. 'Cuz the plot you just said is ten times better than what they gave us. I will love you forever. =| XDD

Exactly! I mean, back when it came out I'm sure the animation was impressive, but that's not the only thing that made the movie. It was the characters we felt for and got attached to, the amazing voice acting, and the great plot. D:

. . . um, yeah, they're either lying, or they honestly didn't see UP because that is much, much better than Brave. I will not lie about that. That . . . that is BS. :iconwthplz:
ButterscotchWM Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow I just....


I am so sorry I haven't been on dA in forever and I totally forgot about this conversation ^^;

However seeing this conversation now is kinda interesting because I have a different opinion now than I did when I first saw it in theaters. The way they advertised Brave was.... different than it was in the movie, and that's what actually disappointed me. I think if they just advertised it for what it really was - a daughter trying to reason with her mother to let her live her own life - instead of advertising it as a badass woman fighting for her freedom sort of thing, I would have not been disappointed. Because for what it was, Brave WAS a good movie. My family just got that movie for Christmas, and we watched it together a couple nights ago. Seeing it a second time at home with my family actually was MUCH better than seeing it in the movies. Seriously, I actually like Brave a lot more now, lol. I think it was because I knew what to expect this time, and I was watching it with my family and everything.... it really is a family movie. It's just.... it's 100 times better when you watch it with your family lol! (that is, if your family is into Pixar movies)

Anyways, yeah, how many times can I say the word 'family'? Pfft.

After thinking about it a little, I think the whole thing about Merida turning into a boy and fighting for her freedom is kinda little... anti feminist in a really weird way. Because feminism should be equal to masculinity, Merida shouldn't have to turn into a boy to change her fate. Unless, however, she managed to lift the gender-bend curse before she defeated the enemy herself as a woman, and therefore, she changed her fate herself without the help of the witch.

IDK! That alternate story of Merida turning into a boy and fighting for her freedom would have become controversial I think. There probably could have been a way to make it less controversial, but... eh.

I don't even know anymore :lmao: I like Brave for what it is now, even though I was disappointed at first.
Arcane-Panda Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
When I saw the trailer, I thought she was going to go on a big journey. The movie seemed really short, and not a whole lot was explained, as you've stated already..
I cried. so. hard. at the end of the movie.. both times that I saw it. I cried. Tears just poured down my face like a never ending freaking WATERFALL. lmao
but.. the mother-daughter scene you talked about is my favorite, aswell... The song, it just seems really sad for some reason..
The humor I was okay with.. and the final bear battle is what really got me excited. I was waiting for that. I thought it was going to happen when they first ran into Mordu in the ruins.. but nothing happened. I thought to myself "There better be a big battle or i'm gonna be pissed :I"
I also thought the witch was going to have a bigger role in the movie than what she was given... :c
but I loved the movie.. i'd see it again if i could, but I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD and buy that :heart:
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, that's what I thought! And I felt like it was pretty short too. :O_o:

I mean, I definitely understand why people would cry during this movie; those mother-daughter moments are heavy. For me personally though, I was too distracted by . . . all of the things I mentioned here. XDD *brick'd*

And they had beautiful voices! . . . totally want that song. Pfft. D8

At first I didn't really know what to think of the bear battle. Like, I expected Merida to take the bear on herself since, well, she's the one who's supposed to be changing her fate. But because her mother fought him instead it kind of . . . clouded the message for me. The entire movie kind of got mixed up with what it was trying to bring to the table. It just focused so much on the mother-daughter thing, and not the adventure Merida should have gone on. :iconidislikeitplz: . . . but I did appreciate its dark tone; that was awesome.

I still don't understand why the witch didn't have a bigger part. That was upsetting since she could have contributed more to the plot or something. Pffft. The movie suffers from a lack of a villain. I mean, underneath it all, Mor'du was just looking for peace. I still don't exactly know why he was attacking everyone for no reason though. I mean, the witch said it would turn him into a bear, not a super raging angry, rabid bear. There's a difference, even though wild bears obviously can be . . . vicious. You know what I mean? I don't know. :lmao:

It's not that it was a bad movie or anything, it just . . . didn't reach the expectations of a Pixar movie. D:
Arcane-Panda Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
I think the reason that Mordu went all psychotic was because his pride clouded his judgement.. and in the end he became what he sought.
I think he was known as a demon bear wasn't he..? or maybe that's just me.
But I totally thought the same thing, "...Dreams Works should have made this" But with that said, would they have done a better job? Or would it have been worse..? lol
Lately DreamWorks has been making some pretty good movies..
Puss in Boots is one of them. :heart:
In my opinion, I think the title of the movie was basically the entire plot.. meh.
NikChik-11 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student Artist
I feel like they should have done one or the other. Either have had her fight for her hand OR have the whole bear incident. Because with both, it felt a little... half-assed. It was too rushed and didn't linger long enough on one single incident, seeming kind of jumbled together.9
LittleSpaceStars Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I agree with that. I mean, I think I would have preferred the whole fighting for her own hand thing because it seemed more strong-willed and rebellious like the trailer depicted her to be. The bear incident came off kind of . . . poor. I mean, if they had put more back story in it and had developed a better villain and weren't rushing, it would've turned out, I think.

It just . . . wasn't what I expected, I guess. I just thought that the story itself wasn't brought to life as well as their other movies, and I think that partly has to do with one of their directors or whatever leaving and having to get a new one because of creative differences. D:

I would've liked to see her competing for her own hand and proving herself, having disagreements with her mother as a small side conflict, and then maybe near the end of the movie while they're heavily building it up, they could have had the bear attack her and the suitors, and Merida could defeat it and truly show that she's capable of choosing her own fate or what not. Something along those lines . . . I thought the whole daughter-mother bonding wasn't a bad thing, but having it be the entire focus just . . . wasn't strongly put together. Emotional, sure, but not well put together. :O_o:
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